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Hello Everyone, LilSpook Here with a quick update regarding the future of the Newgrounds Festivals community.

In early 2021, I re-joined Newgrounds after about a 10 year hiatus. One of the first blog posts I saw was from this amazing man named @Stanpai looking for volunteers for an online convention style event. Through my absolute shyness and hesitance, I submitted my application and thus the unstoppable duo was born.

Thanks to the approval of @TomFulp, @Stanpai and I were able to weave an even tighter knit community than we thought possible. To this day, it still continues to thrive and grow bigger than we could have hoped for.

That being said, what comes next? That's up to you...

Passing the Torch

As life moves forward and new challenges and opportunities arise, it is with confident determination that we, the heads of the Newgrounds Festivals program, pass the torch on to the next generation. Organizing events like these may be a pleasure and privilege, but it is also something that we did not intend to do forever.

Moving forward, the Festivals Discord Server will be operated by those who come after. We proudly leave you, the community, with the legacy we've built together and proudly look to the future for where it will lead.

Taking the reins in the immediate future will be @Kekiiro and @Slimygoo, who have been working as staffers and artists for the past two events as part of our team. We have the utmost faith in them, and kindly ask that you be patient as they are handed the keys to the entire operation. There will no doubt be some need for adjustment as they take over and get familiarized with what the responsibility comes with, so please be patient and kind as they step into the roles they've so graciously volunteered to fill.

With love,

@Stanpai & @LilSpook



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